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The Enrico Castellani Foundation is the owner of the royalties of both the works and writings by Enrico Castellani. Regardless of the ownership of the works, the reproduction rights are nevertheless retained by the Foundation.

For the reproduction of writings or interviews – as also for the reproduction of photographs of the works – it is necessary to submit a written authorisation request for use to this Foundation and to the SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) at the OLAF Section (Literary Works and Figurative Arts) by completing the specific FORM.

In the absence of authorisation it is not permitted to either reproduce or diffuse photographs of the works and the writings by Enrico Castellani in whatever form, be this on paper, by film or using digital methods of any kind.

The Enrico Castellani Foundation does not authorise the reproduction of the images of the back of the works by Enrico Castellani nor those of the detail(s) of his signature or inscriptions/annotations carried out by the artist himself.